Deadline to Register To Vote is Tomorrow.

Anyone who wants to vote in the February 29th Democratic Primary in South Carolina must register by Thursday, January 30th.

If you live in South Carolina, you can register online or check your registration online at this link:  Even if you think you are registered, we urge you to check just to make sure.

You can also help others register to vote by sharing that same link on social media or by emailing it to your friends.

Here’s a sample post for email or social media that you can copy and paste:

The first big election of the year is coming up on February 29th. Make sure you are registered to vote by checking your registration or registering online to vote at  You must be registered by Thursday, January 30th if you want to vote on February 29th.  If you’re already registered, forward this information to a friend.

You Vote is Your Voice.