The LGBTQ civil rights work of SC Equality and SC Equality Coalition reaches every corner of South Carolina through the generosity of our contributors. 

Join others who give to make our work possible.

Become an SC Equality Envoy member today with a recurring monthly contribution to support our work. Monthly giving is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to support SC Equality. Join Today!

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Together we will win the fight for full equality.

SC Equality works on civic engagement, education, and statewide outreach efforts to change hearts and minds.

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Your donation to SC Equality is tax deductible and are used solely to support our public education efforts around South Carolina.

SC Equality Coalition leads our lobbying and political advocacy efforts on local, state, and federal issues.

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Your donation to SC Equality Coalition is not tax deductible.  But, it does allow us to put your contribution to work most effectively by helping to fund all of our activities, including lobbying state legislators and influencing state and local political races.

You can also mail in your donations to: SC Equality, Inc., Post Office Box 544, Columbia, SC  29202

If you have questions or problems with your contribution, please call 803-256-6500 or email us at

Donate to the SC Equality PAC TODAY and help us fight for LGBTQ equality across the political spectrum.

To support efforts to elect fair minded pro-equality candidates visit SC Equality PAC (Political Action Committee).

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