Voting While Trans SC

Voting While Trans SC

What You Need to Know

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Before Election Day

Go to to register to vote, check your voter registration status, or update your voter information if needed. In order to vote in South Carolina, you will need one of the following forms of I.D.

  • S.C. Driver’s License.
  • ID Card issued by S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • S.C. Voter Registration Card with Photo(Can be obtained for free from your county voter registration and
    elections office by providing name, DOB, and the last 4 digits of your SSN.)
  • Federal Military ID o U.S. Passport

Make sure your I.D. matches the name and address on your voter registration at election time. The law does not require your gender presentation match your name, photo, or gender marker.

In South Carolina, you can vote absentee under certain conditions. Call your county voter registration and elections office or visit for more information.

On Election Day

Bring your required photo I.D.

It is also helpful, but not necessary to bring the following in case you are questioned.

  • Your voter registration card.
  • A utility bill showing your address.
  • Additional I.D. or records that show who you are, or
  • Your legal name change paperwork if you had one.

Information for Poll Workers and Election Officials

This resource was created and distributed by TransAction, a program of South Carolina Equality, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to the advancement of transgender people through education, advocacy, and engagement. The voter you are talking to is transgender. Here is some information that may be helpful to your job of ensuring a fair election:

  • Gender discrepancies on ID are not a valid reason to deny a regular ballot. Transgender voters may have ID that indicates a different gender than what they look like. They may not have had the opportunity to update their ID yet, or may not be able to. In fact, some transgender people have Ids that do not match each other due to different policies about updating gender and name on Ids. This does not mean their ID is invalid or fraudulent for voting purposes.
  • Different clothing and hairstyle on an ID photo is not a valid reason to deny a regular ballot. Voters may look different today than on their photo ID for a lot of reasons-they may even look like a different gender. As long as you can identify the voter from their picture, this is not a problem.
  • “Cross-dressing” is not a valid reason to deny a regular ballot. A voter who appears to you to be cross-dressing may in fact be simply dressing in accordance with their gender identity. They have the right to do so, and the way they are dressed should not impact their ability to cast a ballot.
  • A voter’s transgender status and medical history is private. Although you may be curious or confused about a voter’s appearance, asking personal questions may be offensive and discouraging to voters, and is not relevant to their right to vote.
  • Transgender Voters are not trying to do anything wrong-they are just being themselves. Although this may be a new situation for you, this is their life every day and they are just here to vote. Please help them do so.

For more information about voting rights, please contact your county election supervisor.

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