Find Your Legislators

Find Your Legislators

Ready to introduce yourself to your legislator?

South Carolina Equality works everyday at the Statehouse with your legislators to enact legislation that advances civil rights of LGBTQ South Carolinians.

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Your experiences and stories help our elected official understand how laws impact the lives of GLBT South Carolinians. Please consider reaching out to your legislator and introducing yourself as a constituent who cares about the fair and equal treatment of all South Carolinians.

Need a little coaching on how to talk to your legislator? Email Jeff Ayers, Executive Director We’re happy to help.


Taking the time to learn about your legislators is an invaluable asset to your advocacy efforts at any level of government.

Legislators’ personal history informs their public policy decisions and provides information that you can use to make connections with them.

A guide to calling your legislator

A phone call is one of the best ways to make your views known to elected officials. It’s more effective than social media, email or even snail mail. A phone call demonstrates that you are highly engaged and deeply committed to your cause. Lawmakers take notice. So don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and make that call.

Here’s how to prepare and what to expect.

Prior to the call

  • Before making the call, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and prepare what you want to say.
  • If you would like to be coached on how to discuss the issue you are calling to voice your opinion about, reach out to Jeff Ayers, Executive Director, SC Equality and he will reply to schedule a time to speak over the phone

During the call

  • Expect to speak with a staff member, not your representative, and be prepared to provide your name, hometown and, possibly, your zip code.
  • Be concise and make your points clearly.
  • Always be polite in both tone and language.
  • Explain why you are calling and what action you would like your legislator to take (for example, that you would like them to support a Hate Crime Bill that includes LGBTQ South Carolinians.)
  • When possible, discuss the issue from a personal perspective — sharing your own experience or that of a family member or friend is especially powerful.
  • Thank the staff member for taking the time to talk with you.
  • Remember: Although you spoke with a staff member, your views will be conveyed to your representative.
  • Did you reach the office’s voicemail? That is OK: leave a message. Offices check their voice messages and keep track of constituent concerns.

After the call

If you are meeting with a member of the S.C. General Assembly, let Jeff Ayers, Executive Director, know what you learned during your meeting by sending an e-mail to Knowing what arguments your legislator used, what issues are important to him or her, and what positions he or she took will help us make our lobbying strategy at the Statehouse more effective!

  • Consider additional actions you can take on the issue: post on social media and tag your legislators(s) and/or email your legislator(s).
  • Call back again in a few days to restate your concerns and views and ask whether your lawmaker has committed to supporting your point of view.

Encourage family and friends to call their legislators, too.

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