SC GSA Network

SC GSA Network

SC Equality is committed to ensuring a future where every student who walks the halls of our schools and who sits at the desks in our classrooms is safe and protected.

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LGBTQ students feel unsafe at school


LGBTQ students avoid school functions because they feel unsafe


LGBTQ students who felt they received school-based discipline because of their sexual orientation


Media Kits are available. To obtain a quote, request an interview or gather information about SC Equality, click on Media Resources.

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We are on the lookout for student leaders in grades 8-12 during the 2019-2020 school year who are interested in sharing their stories in all kinds of media – from print, radio and TV, to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more.

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SC Equality is an equal employment opportunity employer. We encourage applications from all interested persons.

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The fight for Equality in South Carolina is only as strong as our volunteers — individuals like you from all across South Carolina who are willing to lend their time and their talents to keep changing our state for the better.

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Latest News

Welcome Jarrod Wiggins to SC Equality Board

January 22nd, 2020|

SC Equality Board Welcomes Jarrod Wiggins We are pleased to welcome Jarrod Wiggins to the SC Equality Board.  His dedication and knowledge of the issues faced by the LGBTQ community will further add strength to our Board and help us continue to make a difference in LGBTQ South Carolinian's lives. Jarrod Wiggins Greenville, S.C. (He/Him/His) Jarrod Wiggins oversees New Business & Strategy at SLANT, a full-service marketing and creative agency [...]

Your guide for bills to track this legislative session in S.C.

January 14th, 2020|

2020 South Carolina legislative session starts today 2020 Legislative Tracker The 2020 South Carolina legislative session starts today and SC Equality is committed to advocating for bills that will bring us closer to fully protecting LGBTQ South Carolinians. We are also prepared to fight against any anti-LGBTQ bill that moves this session. Our team is at the Statehouse today and will be [...]

SC Equality to bring a legal challenge to South Carolina’s “No Promo Homo” law

December 16th, 2019|

SC Equality Board, with the support of its Litigation Task Force, has authorized SC Equality to bring a legal challenge to South Carolina's "No Promo Homo" law which prohibits public school health teachers from discussing homosexuality or homosexual persons in South Carolina classrooms. This law forces teachers to provide inaccurate and incomplete information to students and serves to further stigmatize LGBTQ students and children with LGBTQ parents. Some of you may [...]


December 12th, 2019|

South Carolina wants to ban lifesaving medical treatments for trans kids. It’s part of a bigger push around the country. Trans children have been in the national spotlight in recent weeks, with the governor of Texas stepping in to try to stop a mother from allowing her child to transition. And last Wednesday, South Carolina legislators joined in with a bill that would ban a variety [...]

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Great group, does excellent work towards protecting people in South Carolina

Sophia J.

Hardest working and brilliant leaders! Visionary leadership that can not only conceive of and develop a successful long term, multi-pronged strategy that includes all forms of our community

Harold G

Some great people with so much drive and inspiration.

Grant H

Very supportive wonderful and great

Kate L

Want pro-equality candidates in SC? This is where you give your dollars!

Tracie B

Working to ensure equal rights for my family!

Frances O

Thank you for what you are doing to make our state a better place to live! You are appreciated!

Kristi W


SC Equality GSA Network
Welcome to the SC GSA Network

SC Equality is committed to ensuring a future where every student who walks the halls of our schools and who sits at the desks in our classrooms is safe and protected.

In 2011, we created the SC GSA Network (South Carolina Gay-Straight Alliance Network). The SC GSA Network is the only National GSA Network member in the Palmetto State. We provide the education, support and crisis management needs of all South Carolina’s High School GSAs.

At SC Equality, our safe schools initiatives have taken many forms, from legislative to educational.


LGBTQ student fell unsafe at school


LGBTQ students avoid school functions because they feel unsafe


LGBTQ students who felt they received school-based discipline because of their sexual orientation

Youth and Safe Schools

Schools are often hostile environments for LGBT youth. Nearly 9 in 10 LGBT students report experiencing harassment within the last school year, and 3 in 10 report missing a class – or even a whole day of school – because they felt unsafe.  It’s critical that we work to build environments of acceptance to ensure all students can be out, safe, and respected in school.

SC Equality launches “Youth and Safe Schools” program

The need for a statewide Youth and Safe Schools Program cannot be overstated, and what is at stake for so many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth is nothing short of life or death. Even as we celebrate marriage equality and a number of other key victories, LGBTQ youth in South Carolina continue to face extensive risk factors for:

  • Bullying & physical/sexual assault
  • Homelessness (accounting for as much as 40% of all homeless youth)
  • Human trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • Substance abuse & HIV transmission
  • Suicide & homicide

The latest data is clear within The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which found LGBTQ youth continue to face deeply disturbing and even life threatening challenges.

The CDC research showed that in 2015, more than 40 percent of LGB students have seriously considered suicide, and 29 percent reported having attempted suicide during the past 12 months. Sixty percent of LGB students report having been so sad or hopeless they stopped doing some of their usual activities and more than 1 in 10 reported missing school in the past 30 days due to safety concerns.

Our goals for the “Youth and Safe Schools” program in South Carolina

SC Equality’s Youth and Safe Schools Program aims to create a culture of inclusion while countering the bullying, harassment, social isolation, and bigotry that dramatically increase risk factors for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) students.

Through this program, we seek to shift the culture so that each of South Carolina’s 103 school districts will adopt comprehensive, nationally recognized best practices for meeting the needs of LGBTQ students.

During the 2017-18 school year, our Youth and Safe Schools Program has reached out to all 103 school districts to help Superintendents and upper level leadership chart a course for institutionalized LGBTQ student, family and staff support. We have are working with many school districts across the state, and have delivered LGBTQ sensitivity and best practice professional development training to school counselors, social workers and school resource officers. During this time we have also assisted in the launch of 3 new GSA’s and will continue our work to ensure every student in our school districts are safe, valued, respected and graduate successfully.


As long as injustice & inequality persist, and LGBTQ youth are bullied in schools across South Carolina, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.