Vickie Holt
York County

“I am running because I want to represent all of the people of SC48, not special interest groups or partisan entities. I am uniquely qualified because I have spent my 42+ year career listening to people and solving their problems at 35,000 feet. Now I am ready to do it right on the ground in Columbia, SC.”

“Although I have not had any leading roles, I have always supported the LGBT community. I am well aware of the current environment of hate and intolerance that the community if facing under the current administration.”

“I would work to protect individuals from discrimination. I would work to keep laws protecting individual rights are not suspended or amended in any manner.”

“I have been lucky enough to have spent the last several years before moving to South Carolina in Illinois. While there were not many referendums on marriage equality, I firmly supported it with my vote.”

“My plan is to join with my team of volunteers to knock on doors, phone bank and take part in podcasts to introduce myself and my platform to the people of SC48. While I am not the best financed campaign, contributions come in steadily so I am able to get the word out to the constituents of the district.”

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