Pro-LGBT bills aimed at ending discriminatory practices in South Carolina.

When the General Assembly convenes today in Columbia, a years-long push to protect the LGBTQ community in South Carolina will continue. SC Equality has teamed up with our coalition partners, and a bi-partisan group of elected officials again to file bills that ensure protections against discrimination for the LGBTQ community.

The bills range from offering anti-bulling protections for LGBTQ
students in our schools to redefining hate crimes in South Carolina, by adding gender and sexual orientation. Out of several bills to be filed, SC Equality is most heavily focused on passing two bills centered on providing protections from employment and housing discrimination.

A majority of South Carolinians support protecting gay and transgender citizens from discrimination in housing and public employment but they already think it’s the law. IT IS NOT! You can still be fired in our state and refused housing or turned away from a business because of who you are or who you love. THIS HAS TO CHANGE IN SOUTH CAROLINA.

To pass these bills, we are serious about getting everyone more engaged with legislative issues at the Statehouse.

For too long, we have seen people being denied jobs and housing due to the sexual orientation or gender identity. Each session these bills have been introduced but have never gotten a vote. Times are changing and with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, we are working to get these bills through the General Assembly and to the Governor’s desk.

Today, SC Equality will be at the Statehouse when the 1st regular session of the 123rd South Carolina General Assembly convenes ready to build momentum to pass these nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ South Carolinians.

SC Equality is launching the 2019 Legislative Guide on our website this week. You will be able to have a real time look at bills we are fighting for and those that we are against Watch for an email on Thursday!

We need each of you to become more engaged, willing, and ready to stand up and make it very clear to your elected officials that nondiscrimination protections are urgently needed now in South Carolina!

“Because South Carolina is still without the protections that many other states now have,   we need to pass these bills in this session.  Please be generous with your donation.”- Jeff Ayers


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